Lumières Healing Arts

Member of the American Holistic Medical Association for Energy Medicine
~Expert Speaker on "Ask Your Angels" RadioShow for Holistic Health Options and Self Empowerment
~Stress Management Skills training/counseling with a holistic approach, groups or individuals
~Yoga & Energy Wellness Retreat Facilitator in Costa Rica
~Yoga & Energy Wellness Retreat Facilitator in Bali, Indonesia
~Energy Medicine at BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center in Dallas
~Energy Wellness Facilitator for Staff of Urban Flow Yoga in San Francisco
~Energy Medicine at Briala Bodyworks in Lancaster, PA
~Energy Medicine in Hamilton, Bermuda at The Health Coop 2009-2011
~Custom Healing Jewelry Design sold all over the world
~Educating the public on nutritional support  at Wellness Facilities
~Energy Medicine in Bermuda at My Sereni-Tea 2012-2013
~Diamond Distributor for Richway's Amethyst Biomat Since 2009
~Isagenix Cellular Nutrition WellnessEducator
~Essential Oil Wellness Advocate with doTERRA
~WALA Conference Speaker March 2014 for Holistic Health Options for the Aging

Specialties: Biofield Expert, Trauma, Stress Management, Nutritional Support & Holistic Food Education, Personal Energy Management, Quantum Energetics Healing, Essential Oil
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       Kimberly N Jennings, CT
       1(920) 277-5505 WI
       1(408) 389-3449 CA
       Skype: knjennings
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