Energy Medicine Session:
Energy is the source of life. It courses through our bodies in pathways and patterns that anyone can learn to access and influence. If balanced and flowing energy keeps us healthy, grounded and happy. Energy Medicine is a comprehensive modality for locating and clearing energy shields we hold up for ourselves to protect us that have great weight, connecting us to the source, and balancing all systems for optimal flow. Reweave your biofield, hook up your meridians, balance your chakras, learn your body's energy anatomy. Banish brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, food and chemical sensitivities, stress, dormant libido, allergies, aches and pains, and chronic conditions. Retrain your body's energies to flow unimpeded, bringing fresh nutrients to your organs and tissues, altering your stress response, and bringing you into a place of grounded balance. Energy Medicine involves gentle yet profound exercises, self-care techniques $140 US/ $155 Abroad (pkgs are avail)
"Kimberly is a breath of fresh air and an abundance of energy with whatever she touches. I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly on a variety of projects since 2008. She has always carried herself with the highest of integrity and respect for her business and others. Anyone would be privileged to work with her directly or indirectly."
— Brenda Eng-Rankin, Independent Sales Director/Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Kim was very enthusiastic and engaging from the moment we began our session together. Her approach is both positive and empathetic, and at all times she encourages growth through personal acknowledgement and fosters aspiration to a higher sense of self. Her energy is contagious!"
— Rändi Fay

"Kim N Jennings is a highly recommended health advocate whom is very knowledgable in her field of
healing and health aides which heal the whole body with holistic and health ways of living. She has been in this field for some time helping people heal from inside out. I would highly recommend her for the work in which she does."
— cory ulbrich,

"I have had the honor to work with Kim and experience her wonderful gifts as a healer and a creator. Not only did she create a beautiful center that allows many lights to shine at. She also creates beautiful jewelry that I love dearly. The energy she brings to her jewelry is amazing and healing. As a Crystal reader one receives information and jewelry to wear to assist in balancing energy. I have never met someone more gifted in this area and I look forward to spending more time with Kim and sharing in all her gifts to the world. I recommend her work highly!"
— Susan Reis, Sound Therapist/ Intuitive Counselor, Soul Song Therapy

"Kimberly N. is a top notch energy practitioner. Her solid knowledge of her art lends not only to her credibility, but the overall experience. She is compassionate, thoughtful and honest. She is truly doing angel's work."
— Heather Holmes

"Kimberly is awesome! I have hired her for many different things since 2008. Currently she is helping me re-shape my life, health, and mind set. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for something different or may have a huge stress in their lives that they wish to handle in a non-medication way."
— Brenda Eng-Rankin

"Kimberly is a very professional, energetic and motivational person that I enjoyed working with in the past. I would highly recommend Kim in any type of profession, especially sales due to her passion to make clients happy and satisfied with her product or services. She will give 110% of herself in order to get the job done."
— Leslee Hein, Owner, Chaise Reincarnee
Laws of Subtle Energy and Physics

According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information.

Biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating biofield. This biofield and its interconnections provide for a continuum for rapid, coherent intercommunication throughout the body. The vibrations and waveforms in this biofield can be changed, meaning that anyone can collapse the current reality such as an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions and introduce one of many other new possibilities that are more useful.

Disease may be defined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the biofield of these information fields. Physical and emotional injuries impair communication at the cellular level. The application of Energy Medicine re-establishes the flow of biological information so that the body can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments.
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Crystals are tools to balance your energy and underlying patterns and are to be used in conjunction with your regular medical doctor's treatments. We assume no liability for  any use or misuse of any information given here. By using this site and associated  materials, and accessing this metaphysical and healing lore information, you a acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.
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